We Build Amazing Companies

An Overview

At ARAZAS, our mission is to uplift humanity by creating extraordinary companies that make the world a more loving and caring place for everyone.

We do this by licensing our proprietary business operating system called ENIGMA to each new company that we partner with, and then we help our partner companies by injecting resources such as capital, staff, and customers into the business to help it grow.

We see ourselves as the growth catalyst to new businesses. We now help to manage and run companies around the world in a wide variety of different sectors.

Our Business Model

We partner with under performing companies that have strong products, but weak management. We join each company as a strategic partner and we help them to build up the value of their business. We then either take an equity position in the company or sign a revenue share agreement.

We like to think of ourselves as hands on venture capitalists that invest more than just our money into each new company we choose to work with.