William Oliver, Chief Executive Officer/President

William grew up in the small town of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, where he enjoyed playing golf and traveling with his family. He is a fun loving, ambitious entrepreneur and humanitarian, with a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. William made his first investment when he was only 12 years old, and he started working with his first client when he was only 14 years old (his closest friend at the time). By 17, William had already become a highly accomplished golfer, winning multiple city championships and placing 16th in his province junior golf championship competition.

At 17 William left to the University of Victoria where he studied humanities. While at University he became the President of the Commerce Mutual Investment Club and Head of Corporate Relations for the Commerce Students Society. At University, William became obsessed with business and decided to leave early to help start his very first full-time venture called TeamPages, which later sold to Active Sports Networks for a reported $2,500,000CND. After leaving TeamPages William founded the company Elite Living International, which he used to promote coaching products and services across North America. His company went on to employ 11 part-time staff and generated over $250,000CND in revenue. At 23 William left to Malaysia to join a very fast growing startup company called Mindvalley Inc., which he joined as a Event Director for the AwesomenessFest project. While at Mindvalley William served on the leadership committee and was responsible for helping to start a number of highly successful global ventures.

After leaving Mindvalley, William spent a year consulting for small companies in a technology and marketing agency before starting the ARAZAS Group. For the past 5 years, William has been working with companies all over the world and using The ARAZAS Group as the main investment arm to help stimulate growth in projects that William believes in including projects such as Zooplr (which later turned into Skylab Apps Inc.), DreamTalks, DreamJourneys, and Dreamify. William has also been hired as a consultant to help increase the revenue for projects like SociaLIGHT Conference and World Wealth Creation Conference. William plans to continue to use the ARAZAS Group as his platform for expanding his impact around the world and helping more companies like Skylab Apps Inc. get off the ground and into the market. Beyond his business pursuits William is passionate about film making, working with kids, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

E: William.Oliver@ARAZAS.com