SociaLIGHT Conference Case Study


What Is Socialight conference...

The SociaLIGHT Conference is a unique gathering of entrepreneurs and business executives that come together every year to learn about business and the possibility of using business and entrepreneurship as a force for good in the world.

SociaLIGHT 2016 in Vancouver brought together 500+ entrepreneurs and leaders in the Vancouver community, as well as, 30+ business leaders from across North America.



  • Help sell tickets to 500 attendees for the two day conference.
  • Help the team generate $300,000+ revenues for the two day conference.
  • Successful two day event production and management.



  • Phone Sales Support.
  • Event Sales Support.
  • Marketing Consulting.
  • Event Management Support.

Phone Sales Support

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Event Sales Support


Marketing Consulting


Event Management Support