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ARAZAS is a rapidly expanding social enterprises on a mission to uplift humanity by spreading positive and inspirational message of hope and love. The company spreads these messages through live event experiences, social apps, music, movies, and much much more. The company was Founded in 2012 by social entrepreneur William Oliver, and started operations in 2015 in Vancouver. 

To-date the company has launched, promoted, and managed over 15 live event experiences including DreamTalks, DreamJourneys, and DreamDance. 

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    We love working with media outlets who are committed to telling the REAL story about ARAZAS and shedding a light on the great work that we are doing around the world. We do not work with any media outlets that are profit driven and who chose to invest time and energy on creating misleading stories that are designed to create profit and not share the truth about what we are doing in the world.

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