Founding of ARAZAS

ARAZAS comes from the word ARAZA, which is an apple-like fruit found in the Amazon rain forest. While working at Mindvalley in Malaysia, William was contacted by a close friend, who suggested that he start a company with the name ARAZA. She suggested the name, because she said he was destined to one day build a great company like Apple or Amazon, and needed a name that would reflect the scope of his vision. Four months later, William purchased the domain name and within a 24 month period of time was ready to set out on a journey to bring the ARAZAS Group of companies to life. The official starting date of the organization was on December 12th 2012.

William started the company, because he was upset at the state of the world and wanted to make a big difference. He believed that in order to change the world we needed to bring people together in the spirit of harmony and unity. He set out to create a business model and organization that would unite the world by creating Events, Software Applications, Movies, Festivals, and other ventures that are designed to bring people together and foster community. At the heart and sole of the ARAZAS Group is the desire to create a world where people feel more supported and cared for, and where people feel comfortable bringing their dreams to life.

William's big vision was and still is, to power of global movement for good where people from all over the world work together to create the world of our dreams. ARAZAS has now joined forces with companies from around the world including Pro1010 Group Inc. and Brooklyn Labs Inc. to power this global movement.