Our Investors Are Our Partners

We Love serving our investors

The ARAZAS Group is a Canadian company incorporated in the province of British Columbia. The company is a family run privately held business. The company operates companies in a number of different sectors including but not limited to Media, Venture Capital, Management Consulting, and Financial. The company was Founded by the acting CEO and Chairman William Laurence Oliver for the purpose of investing into new ventures that are aligned with William's values and the companies mission.

The ARAZAS Group works in partnership with outside investment groups like the Business Development Bank of Canada and other financial organizations to fund ongoing developments of the companies operations. Furthermore, the company works with it's only subsidiary company ARAZAS Capital (a doing business as name) and DreamFund, to fund ongoing operations of The ARAZAS Group projects and companies.


OUR Investment Philosophy

We believe in working closely with our investors to create consistent and reliable returns for our investors. We like to learn from great investors like Warren Buffett, who've provided consistent and reliable returns to investors over many years. We don't consider ourselves a startup, because The ARAZAS Group of companies has been around for many years, in fact, we've been in business for almost 12 years now (read our story here).


building community and uplifting humanity

All of our investments are put into projects that we believe will better humanity. Whether it's DreamTalks or DreamDance events, or the Dreamify application, we invest all of our money into cash flow positive projects that are designed to unite humanity, build more stable and happy families, and ensure that we are leaving the planet in a better place for the next generation. Over the next 100 years, we're planning on investing billions of dollars into projects that improve our world by bringing people closer together and ensuring that our communities are happy and healthy.

Building Connected Communities

Our Track Record

We've been in the business of building companies for the past 12 years, and there is no sign of us slowing things down.



How Investments Work

We're in the process of establishing our first fund "DreamFund", which we plan to use to fund amazing ventures like DreamTalks, which we plan to have become profitable right away, and use the profits to generate returns for our investors. We manage our fund on an annual basis and our goal is to hit a 20% return for our investors.