WE ARE Looking for the worlds best investors

What We Are Looking For

ARAZAS is a startup media and technology company with a big vision. We're driven by the idea that within a few short years, we can create a global media and technology company that can impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people on a daily basis. We're looking for investors who believe in our vision to build a global media and technology company that's all about spreading positive messages around the world and making the world a better place.

Similar to Amazon and Apple, we're driven by growth and impact, not by profits. We'd rather build a company that becomes one of the most valuable companies in the world than a company that is focused on short-term profits and making our shareholders happy. If you have the same investment philosophy and you believe in our dream of creating a global media and technology conglomerate group, we'd love to connect with you. Please use the contact information below.

Info@ARAZAS.com or 1-604-837-0902.

What Makes Our Offer Attractive

Our company in being lead by William Oliver, a young entrepreneur with a 10 year track record of working on media and technology projects around the world. William has worked on the leadership team of one of the worlds fastest growing digital media companies, and has worked on two venture backed startup companies in senior management positions. William knows what it takes to build a world class global organization that can empower and touch the lives of millions of people on a daily basis. ARAZAS was self-financing from inception by William and within the first 12 months of official operations was able to generate over $120,000 in revenue, while touching the lives of over 100,000 people around the world.

The company already has significant momentum and traction and now the company is in the expansion phases of developments and ready to keep growing operations. The company is in the perfect position to become a global media and entertainment conglomerate and now only needs the capital partners to support the growth of the organization.