What are your most successful campaigns?


How do you charge clients?

ARAZAS is a 100% performance based marketing agency. We do not charge anything upfront for our services. We do however start charging the moment that we start helping a client generate more sales. We charge per sale that we help a client make. Up to $50,000 in monthly revenues we do not require a client to have a contract to work with us. After we've helped the client generate $50,000 in monthly revenues on any given month, then we do require a 6 month working agreement to continue our service offering.

We typically charge our clients 3-5% of the gross revenues generated by the business. This number can be as high as 80% depending on the services that we offer to the client. For instance, if we are using our funds to generate the leads for a clients company, then we typically will charge much higher % of revenues. If we are not spending money on advertising and our clients are providing us with warm leads and we only have to help with the management of an account, then we will charge far less for our management services.

What about conflicts of interest?

We do not work with companies that have conflicts of interest. If we are working with a company with a potential conflict of interest with another one of our portfolio companies than we are always upfront and transparent that we may have a competitive company that we are already working with. In this case, we will not bring on the client.