Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About The Package


Question 1:

What is your goal with consulting?

Answer: We know there are a lot of consulting firms out there. Our only goal is to help serve our clients needs by helping them accomplish their business goals. We do our best to provide sound business advice that will help you build the business of your dreams.


Question 2:


What makes ARAZAS different from most consulting firms?


Answer: We are very hands on. Our company is made up of entrepreneurs, so instead of just providing you with advice, we actually get our hands dirty with every client. In fact, we won’t work with a company that won’t allow us to inject our DNA/business philosophies into the company. Over the years, we’ve learned what really works, so we want to make sure that our advice gets implemented. We aren’t doing this for the money, we are doing this because we love building companies.


Question 3:


How does your pricing model work?


Answer: We have a pricing range for our services that range from $100 to $1500/hr to work with our consultants. Furthermore, we have different levels of consultants that we work with. We use a pricing algorithm to determine the cost of consulting for our clients.


Criteria For Pricing:



  • First Tier.

  • Second Tier.

  • Third Tier.



  • Small.

  • Medium.

  • Large.


  • Slow.

  • Moderate.

  • Fast.

  • Super Fast.



  • Slow.

  • Moderate.

  • Fast.

  • Super Fast.


Question 4:


What are the experience of my consultants?


Answer: We search all around the world to find the best consultants to match up with our clients companies. We have long term working relationships with our consultants and pay them very well to ensure that they are incentivized to do their best work on each company that we work with. This is how you know that you are always getting the best consultant for your business.


Question 5:


What is the ARAZAS Business Model?


Answer: We have a fairly complex business model. There


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