FREE MASTERCLASS: How to Build the Business of Your Dreams!

FREE Masterclass with William Oliver, Founder of The ARAZAS Group who launched and scale his events business to $150,000CND in sales within 12 months using no advertising and a simple marketing formula.

Welcome Message

Dear Friend,

I'd love to show you exactly how I was able to leverage the power of Facebook and Eventbrite to generate $150,000CND in only 12 months selling events through the Facebook platform.

The great news is, I invested very little capital into the project $10,000 for research and development, and spent no money on advertising (maybe $300 at the very end of the campaign) and I generated $150,000CND in sales.

In this Masterclass, I want to teach you the exact formula that you can use to launch and run kick ass events and sell a ton of tickets. My hope is that this will lead to a nice profitable business for yourself that you love running.

In this Masterclass, I'll share with you everything from:

  • How to pick the best selling events.

  • How to gain a large following.

  • How to setup your Facebook event page to get lots of sales.

  • How to setup your Eventbrite page to generate lots of sales.

  • How to re-invest your profits into further growth.

  • How to hire and train events managers/talent and make sure they perform for you.