Operational Setup

SoftwareAll Software Platforms

Corp Dev.

Business Insurance



Building Databases

AirTableGreat templates.

Project Management

AsanaProject Management

Event Management


Business Insurance




Leads Database

Global Email List


MailChimpCheap Version

Otraport - Email MarketingExpensive Version

Online Chat

Live Chat

Content Marketing


Sales Softwares

Sales ForceCustomer Management System

PipedriveCustomer Management System

Sales DatabaseSales Database

Office Line Software



Ring Central

Call Ruby

Calender Scheduling Software

CalendryCalender Appointments


Facebook AdsDigital Advertising

Google AdsDigital Advertising


Amazon Web Services


QuickbooksAccounting Software

Banking Software

PayPalOnline Banking


DocuSignSigning Documents

Legal ServicesLegal Services

Background ChecksBackground Checks

Legal ContractsLegal Contracts

Human Resources

Recruitment Software

WorkableStaffing Software

BullhornStaffing Software


Staffing Software

CollageStaffing Software

Team Communication

SlackTeam Communication

Customer Care

ZenDeskCustomer Care

Business Setup


Initial Setup

Business Overview Assessments$3,000

-Business Growth Stage Assessment1hr

-Business Overview Assessment1hr

-Invoice Info/Office Info etc...3hrs.

On Boarding Steps Reviewed1hr$1,000

-Review the Steps to On Board

Mutual Understanding Agreement2hrs$3,000

-Review MUA

Management Consulting Contract

Sign the Management Consulting Contract1hr

Complete Initial Payment

Payment of $5,0001hr.

Send over ARAZAS Invoice

On Boarding Process

Fulfillment Folder

Review Fulfillment Folder5hrs$10,000

Business Growth Fulfillment Sheet

Setup Client Folder System

1 Year Action Plan

Fill this out with William.1hr$500

Approval by Jeremy Estes


Meeting with Eli Thompson


Team Emails Setup

Get Signatures Setup3hrs.$300

Get Emails Working Properly3hrs.$300

Organizational Development

-Org Chart Development

-Corporate Design Documents


Add Marketing Team10hrs.$5,000

-Add in Lead Project Manager

-Add in Lead Copy Editor


Complete Sales Process30hrs$15,000

-Sales Spreadsheet

-Sales Training Audios

-Develop sales scripts

-Develop Pricing Models

-Create Sales Offer

-Build out sales dashboard

-Build out sales sheets

Onboarding Sales Team10hrs.$5,000

-On Boarding Sales Team.

-Jeremy Estes introduction.

-Amanda Turlock introduction.

-Training the Senior Sales Team.

-Training the Junior Sales Team.

-Testing with new sales team.

-Adding in project management reports.

-Sign off on sales contracts.

-Training new reps/adding additional reps.

-Updating and signing contracts for new reps.

Sales Training50hrs$50,000

Complete sales overview document.

Complete the Complete Sales Process.

Complete the Pricing Model.

Complete the Sales Offers.

Complete the Sales Training.

-Complete the Audio Recordings.

-Complete the Role Playing.

-Complete Initial Testing.

-Complete Advanced Testing.

Build out sales dashboard.

Build out the wins sheet.

Testing the payout model.

Updating commission model.

Lead Generation Sheets Setup



Affiliate Spreadsheet

Setup Affiliate Spreadsheet10hrs.$5,000

Sign Off On Sales Contracts

Senior Sales Contract2hrs.$500

Junior Sales Contract2hrs.$500


Facebook Account Setup15hrs$7,500

-Create new videos

-Create Facebook Bus. Page

-Add William's team on board as editors.

-Add Nikki as Community manager.

-Add Eli as Community Manager.

-Design work with Kenneth if needed.


Setup Advertising Dashboard20hrs.$5,000

-Advertising Dashboard Setup

Testing outbound advertising.

Writing core messaging.

-Improving core messaging.


Start Running Advertising Campaigns15hrs.$10,000

-Master Facebook Advertising

-Setup Facebook Advertising

-Setup Google Advertising

-Add ARAZAS as a Partner

-Testing video ads.

-Testing picture ads.

Build Opt In Funnels.

Email Marketing25hrs.$30,000

Launch Emails PreparedGet Swipe Copies Prepared

Setup InfusionSoftSetup with InfusionSoft


Webinar Launch Process$20,000

-Webinar Campaigns

-Example Campaign

Eventbrite Campaign$10,000

-Eventbrite Campaigns


-GoToWebinar Setup


Website Development$30,000

Initial Scope Document

Decide On Software

Human Resources$10,000

Staffing Sheet

Organization Chart

Staffing Contracts


Accounting Setup

Setup QuickBooks

Connect with Accounting Team

Accounting Reports for Accounting Team

Financial Documents

Cash Flow Forecast


Setup Legal StructureGet incorporation documents prepared.

Purchase shares for yourself.

Setup a sole proprietorship.

Setup doing business as name.

Signup for Legal Shield.

Look into TradeMark info.

Connect with your Lawyer.

Add disclaimers to your documents.

Business Insurance


Integrate Specialists30hrs.$50,000

-For advertising.

-Taylor for speaking.

-Mike for raising financing.

-James for coaching.

-Shanyn for video production.

-Kenneth for graphics design.

-Dave for tech work.

-For CFO work.

-For marketing.

-Matthew for Legal