Elite Private Tutors Case Study



What Is Elite Private Tutors...

Elite Private Tutors is a high-school tutoring company that specializes in helping students improve their grades so that they can get into the college of their dreams.


How We helped the company

When we started working with Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts (the sister company) the company was losing $11,000USD a month, because they were miss managing the companies resources. Our team was brought on to help the company increase revenues and to help to manage social media efforts, as well as, advertising and sales accounts.

Within the first 45 days of starting to work with the company, we were able to successfully help the company generate $150,000USD in top line revenues and turn the company around from losing $11,000USD a month to generating over $100,000USD a month in the second month working with the company. The company has gone on to generate almost $500,000USD in revenue from our sales and marketing efforts and is one of our top clients.

While working with the company we've help to...

  • Streamline the companies sales process.
  • Create new products and programs to sell to existing clients.
  • Profitably manage the companies advertising campaigns.
  • Complete revamp the companies sales process.
  • Hire new staff members and manage the firing of old staff members.
  • Launch and prove new revenue models with live events.
  • And much more.