DreamTalks Case Study


Do you want to host an amazing event that people love and talk about for months or years to come?

Our team at ARAZAS has worked with companies around the world to host amazing events in countries all over the world. We've hosted everything from 7 days retreats to 4 day high-end mastermind experiences in amazing locations like Costa Rica. Our executive team has experience working on events like Awesomeness Fest, which we helped sell $450,000 in tickets for the event.

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What Is DreamTalks...

DreamTalks is a global inspirational speaking platform that brings together people from all over the world to speak about the future of humanity and how we can all work together to create a better world for everyone.


What Is DreamTalks All about...

We’re on a mission to inspire and uplift humanity by creating cutting edge solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Whether it be climate change, sex trafficking, oil spills, or health problems, we’re looking to bring together the brightest minds in the world and give them the platform to share their message with their local community.

With DreamTalks, we’re excited about providing entrepreneurs a platform to share their dreams with the world, as well as a community of like-minded supporters who can help to bring those ideas to life. At DreamTalks, we are all about empowering the next wave of superstar entrepreneurs to start the next Google, Facebook, or Apple.

DreamTalks Trailer

Why is dreamtalks different...

At DreamTalks we bring together dynamic and cutting edge speakers with entrepreneurs who are making a real difference in the community. We allow entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to the community and we film them and help them get funding to bring their ideas to life, and we also allow three successful entrepreneurs the space to share some lessons on what it took for them to become successful.

DreamTalks 1.0: Hotel Vancouver


Our Responsibilities

We developed and launched the DreamTalks brand to consumers in the Vancouver marketplace. We handled all operations, marketing, sales, and production for DreamTalks. We helped to sell 170 tickets to attendees in the Vancouver marketplace by doing grassroots marketing and sales. 

We completed a number of key partnership meetings and helped with all negotiations for the event including: recruiting speakers, negotiating with the hotel, and negotiating with partners and vendors. We successfully launched the event and generated enough profit to start working on the second larger event that we had planned for 4 months later.


  • 170 attendees.
  • $15,000 in revenues.
  • 1 day long event.

DreamTalks 2.0: Vancouver Hotel


Our Responsibilities

After completing the first event, we started plans to build out DreamTalks 2.0, which would be for up to 500 attendees. Again we worked with our joint venture partner to develop all aspects of the event and promote the event to the Vancouver marketplace. We were able to successful work with only a $3,000CND budget, and still generate almost $25,000 in revenue and have 470 people attend the event. 

We planned and organized the entire event with our joint venture partner and we completed all of the grass roots PR, Marketing, and Sales for the event. Furthermore, we helped with running some advertising for the event and we also helped with the full event production during and post event.


  • 470 attendees.
  • $25,000 in revenues.
  • 1 day long event.

DreamTalks 3.0: Vancouver Playhouse


Our Responsibilities

After launching DreamTalks 1.0 and 2.0, we decided to launch DreamTalks 3.0 inside of a theatre hall. We decide to part ways with our first Joint Venture Partner and we started another partnership to launch the 3rd version of this product. We successfully launched the event for 330 people inside of a theatre hall in Vancouver. 

We organized, planned, and produced all aspects of the event for the 330 people who attended. We were responsible for negotiating with the venue, bringing on strategic partners and vendors, and making sure that we had the right talent for speakers to attend and speak at the event.


  • 330 attendees.
  • $22,000 in revenues.
  • 1 day long event.