Welcome to DreamTalks

Welcome to DreamTalks...

DreamTalks was a brand started by April Bellia and William Oliver during the month of April 2015. The two partners joined forces to build a brand and community experience that was designed to bring people together and provide people the space to share their dreams and big ideas with the world. After two very successful events, the partners parted ways and DreamTalks became a brand lead up by William Oliver and the ARAZAS Group. The company maintains the same vision and goals as when the two partners joined forces.

What DreamTalks Is All About...

We’re on a mission to inspire and uplift humanity by creating cutting edge solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Whether it be climate change, sex trafficking, oil spills, or health problems, we’re looking to bring together the brightest minds in the world and give them the platform to share their message with their local community.

With DreamTalks, we’re excited about providing entrepreneurs a platform to share their dreams with the world, as well as a community of like-minded supporters who can help to bring those ideas to life. At DreamTalks, we are all about empowering the next wave of superstar entrepreneurs to start the next Google, Facebook, or Apple.

Why DreamTalks Is Different...

At DreamTalks we bring together dynamic and cutting edge speakers with entrepreneurs who are making a real difference in the community. We allow entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to the community and we film them and help them get funding to bring their ideas to life, and we also allow three successful entrepreneurs the space to share some lessons on what it took for them to become successful.

Performances to Inspire and Uplift the Human Spirit

DreamTalks exists to inspire people and uplift their spirits. The event is part rock concert and part inspirational speaking engagement. At it's core, it's all about bringing people together to have a great time and build an awesome community.


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