DreamJourneys Resounding Consciousness

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What Is Dreamjourneys...

DreamJourneys is a cosmic voyage in the full dome theater in the Vancouver Planetarium; guided by geometer/narrator Ari Lazer, and sound healing musicians Theda Phoenix and Matthew Kocel.

Customer Feedback

"Wow, amazing! This was one of the most powerful journeys I've ever witnessed. Such a unique, rich, soul and mind expanding experience. Ignited my inner child again. Thank you to everyone who held such powerful space. We are all connected. This is just the beginning "

-Mike Yap

Our Results

Over a 7 month period of time, we ran 9 shows



What We Did For DreamJourneys...

We created a joint venture partnership with a local Vancouver based arts company to put together the DreamJourneys project. They helped to create the show and we provided the marketing, sales, and operational support for the show. During the process of launching this new brand, we

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