Dreamify Application

After the successful launch of 9 DreamJourneys events in Vancouver and selling them all out, William teamed up with another partner company VanHack to recruit a global group of engineers to develop a new social media application called Dreamify, which was designed for a global launch in 2017. After 6 months of development the global Dreamify team decided it was time to partner up with yet another company.

For a 12 month period of time, William and Dan from Brooklyn Labs communicated about a potential partnership between their companies. They decided to create a formal partnership to launch the Dreamify application on February 4th 2017. 

Future Focus

The ARAZAS Group is working diligently behind the scenes to create, launch, and share new products and experiences with the world and touch the lives of more people around the world with the strategic focus of building tightly integrated communities in local city centres and bringing people together in the spirit of collaboration. The company is currently working on expanding operations by licensing the companies core brands like DreamTalks and DreamJourneys into many more cities around the world. Furthermore, the company is now investing heavily into creating more branded events, apps, movies, and experiences that will touch, move, and inspire people to live happier and healthier lives.

The companies intention is to impact the lives of over 100m people on a daily basis within the next 50 years and to expand operations into every country on the planet.