Through DreamFund we are actively seeking new investment partners to join The ARAZAS Group of companies. DreamFund is a fund that sits independent of The ARAZAS Group of companies, but is affiliated with the company. Through DreamFund, any project that is operating through The ARAZAS Group can draw capital from the fund to fund operations, asset acquisition, employee salaries, or strategic growth investments.

Investors who participate in DreamFund receive a return from the fund itself. In this way, we can offer retail investors a great investment opportunity (almost like a mutual fund) and The ARAZAS Group of companies is able to access much more capital to further develop operations and grow the group of companies.


How We Invest

We are interested in investing into cash flow positive operations that provide a dividend to our fund. We do not like to invest into high-risk startup companies that have long-term return positions, but instead into dividend paying projects that pay a dividend on a monthly or quarterly basis. We work exclusively with The ARAZAS Group and it's subsidiary/partner companies and we only allocate funds for loans at this time. With a short-term return policy in place. We work closely with the ARAZAS Capital and the ARAZAS Financial teams to deploy the funds from DreamFund. Every opportunity is carefully scrutinized and analized by our team of analysts.

Micro Investment Model



Deployment of Capital



Global Impact, Local Focus




What We Invest Into



Return to Investors