Dreamworld Organization



We chose a universal brand, because we believe the branding is super important to the organization. The organization needs to have a friendly brand to all nations. For this reason, we decided to call the organization, the Dreamworld Organization.

The Dreamworld Organization must stand for making an impact to all nations on the planet and must have an agenda to create a unified humanity where all nations are working together towards the common good of all. We believe that our name and branding reflect this. We will use a portion of the proceeds from the competition to purchase all domain names and trademarks associated with the name Dreamworld Organization. We will purchase the domain name www.DreamWorld.org for the website.


The Dreamworld Organization will become a global organizing similar to the United Nations designed specifically to effectively address the most pressing threats and risks to humanity.


The Dreamworld Organization exists to unite all of humanity towards a common goal of creating a world where 7.35B people on the planet can thrive together.


The world is rapidly changing and turning into a global village where everyone is intimately connected and where people’s actions in one area of the world can deeply impact and affect people in other areas of the world.

The purpose of the Dreamworld Organization is to assist in better managing humanity in a way that leads to a more healthy, prosperous, and enjoyable existence for all people on the planet.