We're Like Uber for Events


ARAZAS is like Uber but for events. We've built a promotional system that allows us to quickly sell out events in city centres around the world, and now we're working with partners around the world to keep selling out our events in new city centres like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, New York, San Fransisco, San Diego, and other cities.

ARAZAS Events is a division of the ARAZAS Group, we run festivals, concerts, dance parties, theatre shows, and much more all over the world. Our mission is to elevate consciousness, uplift the human spirit, and inspire a movement for good around the world through hosting live events inside of city centres all over the world.

We're up to something really exciting and we're looking for more DreamHosts "partners" to join our movement. We think what we are doing is a bit like Uber for Events. We bring on hosts to host the events and we send those hosts all of the people and give them all of the systems to succeed, while they ensure that our community loves the experiences that we provide.

From Dance Nights to Festivals

Do You Want to Inspire the World

We're on the look out for people who can host events around the world and who love making sure that people have a great time. We're working on all sorts of custom events, and we need more event hosts who are great with building community and who love to see people smile and having a good time. 

Right now, we're developing all of our events in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and we're licensing our events to other cities around the world. 

Join Our Movement, Become a Host

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