ARAZAS Corporate Values

Benevolence Above All

When we take on any new projects or make any new actions we always focus on the purity of the actions. We are disciplined and focused with each action as to ensure that it will have the best possible impact on human life on our planet. Our goal is to only release products that are for the highest good of all of humanity.

We move forward in a state of peace in all interactions and with all projects that we take on. We are calm, resolved, and aware of people we touch and interact with. We are highly conscious about our business operations and how our actions are impacting others. We look to always bring more good in the world than bad and to uplift people's spirits and keep people safe and looked after at all times. People's safety and security is our top priority.

One At A Time

Innovation and testing is deeply embedded into the DNA of The ARAZAS Group of companies. Throughout the day we are running 100's if not 1000's of tests simultaneously to discover new breakthrough opportunities that could potentially positively impact more people's lives. Ever since day one when William started working on the Focused Golf System, disciplined testing has been at the heart and soul of everything that William believes. Everyday, we spend as much energy as we can testing and learning new things, so that we can eventually apply those new bits of learning and knowledge into a product or service that could impact all of humanity. We are not out to win today, we are out to learn today and apply that learning tomorrow to win in the marketplace. In fact, we would rather not win at all if we sacrifice our deep desire to learn and test, because we want to win often and not just one time.

Family All the Way

We are out to create a really closely knit family culture where people feel safe, welcome, and supported to become the highest versions of themselves possible. We are close to one another, but most importantly we really respect one another and our privacy, personal space, and differences. We are not here to rule over one another or to tell each other what to do. We are here to embrace everyone's unique differences and celebrate how we are all different from one another. We release anger, control, and resentment quickly and instead we focus on loving one another for who we are and accepting everyone into our family. If we find that someone isn't behaving well with the rest of the family, we simply bring that to their attention and ask them to reflect on their behavior. At the end of the day life is very short and we know that everyone wants to have a great time. We want to create a culture where people feel safe to be themselves inside of The ARAZAS Group.

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

Yes, we said it THREE times, so that it lands. We believe that there are way too many people seeking the quick win and are willing to pump and dump great ideas or businesses for the sake of a quick buck. These types of people are exactly what we try to stay away from, because we believe that they hurt the entire global business community. Instead, we look for people who will join our team for the long run and who care so deeply about our mission that they are ready to commit their life to serving our mission of uplifting humanity. We are not a one trick pony type of company, we want to build the worlds largest startup company. An organization that is constantly innovating and where the people are having so much fun that we are glued together like glue. We are out to create a family of companies and to work with a group of highly talented and very loyal senior executives that put the customer first and who work around the clock to build an organization that will be around to serve our children's children. If you are not loyal to the bone, you definitely won't want to work with the ARAZAS Group, because you'll have to go against everything that you stand for.

Reputation Before Profits

We care deeply about what we are working on and the people we are serving. Our reputation is really important to us, so we work very hard to make sure that we keep a good reputation in the global business community. If we are unable to get something accomplished, we will let our customers know and we will always stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want to ensure that 100 out of 100 of our customers love working with us and have an experience that they are happy to share with their friends, family, and associates. In fact, we love building our business based on word of mouth and having clients refer more clients to us, we love referrals.


You can knock us down 1000 times and we will keep getting up. We just don't go away, because we care too much. We've built resilience over many years of being in many different challenging business battles. In fact, we love getting into the stormy waters and taking on big challenges, because we believe in ourselves and we know we are going to make it through. Instead of giving up, we get right to work and we find a way to perservere. We believe that this attitude is really helpful when we are working with clients, because we just don't give up. We will find a way to make sure that we do great work for our clients, and we have little to no sympathy for staff members who are unable to go the extra mile for our partners and customers.

Daily Progress

We really don't care about becoming an overnight success. Instead we care about daily progress and working on one little baby step at a time. We practice mindfulness daily and we actively slow each other down so that we stay in balance and harmony with our surroundings. We want to be as peaceful and loving to everyone in the world around us and we want to integrate nicely into society and be welcomed by everyone. We want to be a shinning light inside a world of darkness and we want to practice making daily progress towards lighting up the world and uplifting humanity. We do this by tracking our results daily and focusing on the little tiny details that we know will make a huge difference to the business in the long run. We get into the weeds/trenches with our team and we solve the most complex problems by getting into the micro details of each task that we take on, because we know that the gold is hidden deep inside the cave and not at the surface. We aren't scared to go deep, in fact, we love it.

Balance & Longevity

We are out to create an organization that will stand the test of time. We're not looking for quick wins, we are looking for long term investment opportunities we believe will increase in value over time and that will become iconic brands.

Safety and Security

our highest priority is the safety and security of all human beings. We accept all human beings as equal and we serve all people as equally as possible.

The Highest Good For All

We believe in creating the highest good for all people and sticking to our mission of uplifting humanity. We strive to always spread love, kindness, and compassion in the world Whenever we can.

Respect For All People

We respect all of the stakeholders that ARAZAS is associated with. Our mission is to uplift humanity and make the world a more loving and caring place. We strive to get along with all governments, organizations, partners, investors, and people. We strive to treat all people equally and with the highest levels of respect possible.