College Shortcuts Case Study



What Is college shortcuts...

College Shortcuts is an organization that helps students from across the United States get into the college of their dreams. After experiencing the heartaches of getting into the college of her dreams, Founder and CEO of College Shortcuts Neha Gupta, decided there must be a better way. After 12 years of helping thousands of families and hundreds of students get into their dream college, Neha Gupta has become one of the most sought after consultants in the country. 

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  • Business Audit.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Marketing Campaign Development.
  • Communications Plan.
  • Advertising Management.
  • Sales Management.
  • HR (Recruiting and Training).
  • New Product Development.
  • Graphics Design (Packages).

Business Audit

Our focus with the business audit was to analyze and better understand the inner workings of the business, so that we would have the data to start our competitive analysis. We analyzed the goals and objectives of the management team to determine the strategic direction of the organization. We met with and spoke with multiple key stakeholders in the company to determine how these stakeholders saw the business and what they thought the goals and the objectives of the company would be.

Competitive Analysis

Our competitive analysis involved researching and analyzing all of the marketing done by all of the medical health facilities and clinics in the Vancouver marketplace. We completed detailed analysis on price points of competitor products and services, marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, websites, and as many other details about the companies that we could find.

SWOT Analysis

After completing our competitive analysis, we completed a SWOT analysis to determine the best opportunities for the organization moving forward and how we could best capitalize on those opportunities. With our analysis, we gathered the information required to determine how to best run our advertising campaigns for the business. 

Marketing Campaign Development

Upon completing the SWOT analysis, we started our Marketing Campaign Development process to determine all of the micro details of how to run a successful marketing campaign for the clinic. We started to investigate the advertising/sales strategy that would work best for the clinic, as well as we started to create a communications plan for how we planned to communicate our message with potential new customers. In this process, we also started to investigate and think about specific locations where our potentially customers might be looking at our ads and what they might be thinking while they are looking for our ads.

Communications Plan

In order to create a great advertising campaign, we started by developing a clear and concise communications plan so that we could intimately connect with potentially customers that would be looking at our advertisements. In this process we did a in-depth research analysis on what a potentially customer might be thinking and what they might be looking for. 

Advertising Management

After completing the Communications Plan, we setup he advertising campaigns in both Facebook and Google and we started to run advertising for Stein Medical. Every week, we met with a Stein Medical Project Manager and we started the rigorous process of starting to improve and optimize the advertising that we were running for the company. We optimized the advertising by improving