College Shortcuts Facebook Advertising Management

Case Study


This Case Study was completed by William Oliver employee of Araza Solutions Inc.


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When we started working with College Shortcuts, their advertising system was in disarray.

We started by ensuring that the Facebook advertising accounts were setup properly to best optimize for sales on the webinar. 

After ensuring that ads were working properly and all of the AdSets and Ads were setup properly, we started testing out the advertising on a very small scale. As we started to test the advertising with the client, we started to optimize and re-develop the webinar. We helped with everything from client delivery to sales optimization after a customer had watched the webinar.

We helped to structure new Account Managers for after the webinar was completed. We trained the new Account Managers to close sales quickly and efficiently, and we even designed documents to help increase the closing rates.

Services We Offered

  • Setup Everwebinar Webinar.

  • Setup Go To Webinar.

  • Managed Facebook Advertising.

  • Webinar Designs.

  • Webinar Scripting.

  • Sales Funnel Development.

  • Sales Funnel Management.



Managed $30,000USD In Facebook Spend

  • We managed the Facebook account.

  • We setup new campaigns.

  • We managed new AdSets.

  • We setup and managed new Ads.

  • Checked the account on a daily basis.

  • Sent reports over to the client on a weekly basis.


Generated 1000+ Leads

  • We generated almost 60,000 clicks and 1000 new leads for the client.

  • Optimized the campaigns for the best possible leads.


Generated $300,000USD in Sales

  • We helped our client close $300,000USD in sales.

  • Managed the sales closing process.

  • Managed touch points with new clients.

  • Setup systems to train and bring on new sales reps/account managers.

  • Design documents to help with the closing of the webinar leads.