Digital Business Optimization Package

Scale to $1,000,000USD Annual Revenues And Beyond



ARAZAS is a full service marketing and management consulting company that specializes in helping out clients optimize business growth through implementing specialized sales and marketing initiatives that accelerate growth and increase the overall profitability and longevity of the business.

We work with companies from new startup companies to companies generating millions of dollars in revenues. Our strategic objective with each company is to ensure that the owners and team is 100% aligned with the overall mission of the organization and our mission at ARAZAS to uplift humanity. Once we've achieved alignment with the companies we serve, then our goal is to expand operations and to spread the positive uplifting energy to as many people as possible. 

We are constantly looking to serve more amazing entrepreneurs and leaders as they move forward in their mission to make a positive impact in the world. 

Getting Started

Why Get Started

If you are needing more positive energy in your organization to help you accelerate your growth, we'd love to be there to serve you. We are constantly preparing ourselves and fine tuning our skills so that we can serve more organizations. If you are needing an injection of positive energy to accelerate your growth, our hope is that we can be the catalyst to your business expansion and future success.

Who Can Benefit From Consulting

Our consulting programs are designed for companies of all stages, sizes, and sectors. We'll work with any and all companies that are aligned with our corporate mission and values, and that are under performing. We are specifically looking for amazing products with teams that don't have the skills and the knowledge to capture more market share. Our team of experts will work with your company to help you expand your operations by providing you with a proven and reliable sales and marketing system that works.

Stages of Business Growth

  • Startup.
  • Liftoff.
  • Acceleration.
  • Growth.
  • Expansion.
  • Empire.
  • Legacy.





What We Do



How We Work











What We Do


Areas of Mastery


Personal Mastery

  • Self Discipline.
  • Self Determination.


Business Mastery



Marketing Mastery



Operational Mastery 



Benefits of Our Program

  • Amazing Team.
  • Proven Results.
  • Access to Capital.
  • Ability to Grow Faster.
  • A Great Team to Lean On.
  • A Proven Formula For Success.


Core Services

Business Management

  • Daily Email Management.


Idea Generation

Daily Consulting Until You Hit $1,000,000USD.

We will 


Daily Consulting Until You Hit $1,000,000USD.


    Digital Advertising

    • Facebook.
    • Google.
    • Twitter.
    • Pinterest.
    • SnapChat.


    Technology Management


    Basic Software Solutions

    Payment Providers

    Scheduling Software

    • Calendly.

    Email Autoresponders

    • Infusionsoft.
    • Mailchimp.

    Sales Software


    Texting Software

    Digital Signatures

    • Echosign.



    Client Care Manager


    Sr. Account Manager


    Sr. Design Specialist


    St. Account Manager


    Business Manager


    Lead Consultant


    Sr. Web Developer 


    Head of Operations




    Stages of Development


    • Opportunity Analysis.
    • Competitive Analysis.
    • Product Development.
    • Product Market Testing.
    • Offer Creation.
    • Campaign Development.
    • Systems Design and Testing.
    • Campaign Optimization.
    • Sales Funnel Development.
    • Advertising Setup.
    • Advertising Testing.
    • Customer Support.


    Stages We Will Help With

    Step 1: Opportunity Analysis

    This is the first phase of working with a strategic consultant. We will work on your behalf to identify the opportunity your product has in the marketplace and how we believe we can most effectively and efficiently start to generate sales on your behalf. We will conduct thorough research and due diligence into the marketplace that you are competing in and determine our best chance of creating a Product Market Fit that will benefit your company for long into the future.

    • Landscape analysis.
    • Trends analysis.
    • Opportunity analysis.
    • Opportunity identification.

    Step 2: Product Market Fit

    Once we've identified potentially opportunities where we believe that your product will fit into the market, we will start to run a series of tests to determine where your products will best fit into the market in the real world. We will run a series of tests to identified feedback loops from the market, and then we will start a process of iterating and testing the product market fit.

    • Landscape analysis.
    • Developing your offers.
    • Building out sales strategies.

    Step 3: Systems Design & Testing

    During this phase, we will carefully design the systems and operations needed for your business to achieve optimal sales results. Every business is slightly different and unique, and each business requires proper systems to grow quickly and be highly profitable. Once your campaigns are setup, we will start to design and test new systems (advertising spreadsheets, sales sheets, content deployment sheets, etc...) we will setup software programs for your business that you'll be able to leverage to run your business profitably.

    • Setup marketing & sales systems.
    • Developing new offers to test.
    • Setup software applications to run.

    Step 4: Optimization

    Once we've proven your sales and developed one profitable campaign (this can take up to 60 days), we will start to optimize this campaign and build new campaigns around this campaign. We will start to tweak, test, and optimize all parts of the marketing and sales processes to ensure that we've optimized all parts of the sales and marketing processes.

    • Optimize sales and marketing systems.
    • Optimize pricing to match market demands.
    • Optimize advertising campaigns for targeted reach.

    Step 5: Scaling.

    In order to properly scale up your business, you'll need to re-invest your profits into further business growth. You'll need to scale up with adding new staff into your business and ensuring that your staff are performing at the highest levels possible. We will help you design systems from inception that will scale up with your organization as it grows and ensure that you are able to grow with high profit margins and little need for additional human or financial capital.

    • Hiring new qualified staff to build up your business.
    • Design and implement business growth systems.
    • Adapt and evolve your business models for growth.

    Step 6: Expanding.

    After we've helped you to implement business growth systems into your business and added a management team to your company that is competent and ready to grow with you, we will start the expansion phase of operations. During this phase our objective is to protect the bottom line of the company while investing into growing the top line revenues of the company. 

    • Risk mitigation and strategic expansion planning.
    • Strategic investment management into advertising and marketing campaigns.
    • Asset allocation planning and strategic mergers/acquisition planning.

    Step 7: Profiting.

    Once we've helped you to expand your operations and streamlined your business systems, our strategic objective will be to profit from all of your hard work. Generating profit along the way through the growth cycle of your business required strategic oversight and a mindset/focus on profit. In order to become highly profitable it takes a strong management team that is aligned with the overall objectives of the company long term. In order to generate as much profits as possible, we will help you to scale up your management capabilities and focus on turning your expansion efforts into daily profits into the company.

    • Implement profit generating systems into the business.
    • Recruit and train senior executive talent.
    • Setup the business for long-term profit generation.


    Program Prices

    We've carefully designed a number of different programs to benefit all types of companies. Whether you are a new startup company in the pre-launch stage or a hyper-growth technology/media company, we've got a program that is designed specifically for you. We've also designed programs for hourly, quarterly and general.



    • $1500/hr to work with William.
    • $300/hr to work with a lead consultant.



    • Light Package: $3,000 (30 - 45 day turnaround).
    • Moderate Package: $5,000 (30 - 45 day turnaround).
    • Advanced Package: $10,000 (30 - 45 day turnaround).



    • Light Package: $300 - $600/quarter.
    • Moderate Package: $800 - $1500/quarter.
    • Advanced Package: $1500 - $3000/quarter.


    Money Back Guarantee

    We expect that this advertising is going to go out to 100,000+ companies, so we're looking forward to filling up these new spots very fast.

    We've helped hundreds of people to-date to improve their sales and marketing efforts and we're excited to work with more small businesses. If you are unsure about how we can help you, or you have some more questions about getting started with our company, we'd love to answer all of your questions in a short 20 minute strategy session with a Senior Account Manager or Executive Team Member from The ARAZAS Group.

    Success Stories

    Our executive team has worked on some incredible projects over the years. We've helped companies make millions of dollars through our marketing and sales consulting and support. In the past two years we've worked with up to

    Elite Private Tutors Case Study

    Learn More Click Below




    Elite Private Tutors is a high-school tutoring company that specializes in helping students improve their grades so that they can get into the college of their dreams.


    When we started working with Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts (the sister company) the company was losing $11,000USD a month, because they were miss managing the companies resources. Our team was brought on to help the company increase revenues and to help to manage social media efforts, as well as, advertising and sales accounts.

    Within the first 45 days of starting to work with the company, we were able to successfully help the company generate $150,000USD in top line revenues and turn the company around from losing $11,000USD a month to generating over $100,000USD a month in the second month working with the company. The company has gone on to generate almost $500,000USD in revenue from our sales and marketing efforts and is one of our top clients.

    While working with the company we've help to...

    • Streamline the companies sales process.
    • Create new products and programs to sell to existing clients.
    • Profitably manage the companies advertising campaigns.
    • Complete revamp the companies sales process.
    • Hire new staff members and manage the firing of old staff members.
    • Launch and prove new revenue models with live events.
    • And much more.

    DreamJourneys Case Study

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    What Is DreamJourneys...

    DreamJourneys is a cosmic voyage in the full dome theater in the Vancouver Planetarium; guided by geometer/narrator Ari Lazer, and sound healing musicians Theda Phoenix and Matthew Kocel.


    "Wow, amazing! This was one of the most powerful journeys I've ever witnessed. Such a unique, rich, soul and mind expanding experience. Ignited my inner child again. Thank you to everyone who held such powerful space. We are all connected. This is just the beginning "

    -Mike Yap

    What We Did For DreamJourneys...

    We created a joint venture partnership with a local Vancouver based arts company to put together the DreamJourneys project. They helped to create the show and we provided the marketing, sales, and operational support for the show.


    DreamTalks Case Study

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    DreamTalks is a global inspirational speaking platform that brings together people from all over the world to speak about the future of humanity and how we can all work together to create a better world for everyone.


    We’re on a mission to inspire and uplift humanity by creating cutting edge solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Whether it be climate change, sex trafficking, oil spills, or health problems, we’re looking to bring together the brightest minds in the world and give them the platform to share their message with their local community.

    With DreamTalks, we’re excited about providing entrepreneurs a platform to share their dreams with the world, as well as a community of like-minded supporters who can help to bring those ideas to life. At DreamTalks, we are all about empowering the next wave of superstar entrepreneurs to start the next Google, Facebook, or Apple.