William Oliver's Business Growth Masterclass

Welcome Message From William

Dear Friends,

Look, let me get to the point here. I know you are busy and you're probably looking for a program that can help you

This training has helped me to work with the Senior Leadership Team of a hyper-growth technology and new media company out of Malaysia, to getting on television in front of 7m Canadians and putting my name and brand into big screen movie theatres across Canada, and to working with one of the hottest tech startups in San Diego, which we worked towards getting the valuation of the company to $100M. The training in this course is packed full of real-life experiences of running product launches and scaling up operations within the companies I've founded or been a part of creating. I've put the very best of everything that I know into the training, so that I could share it with people who need this information to grow their business operations.

At anytime, if you are ready to get started, please send an email to William.Oliver@ARAZAS.com and I will personally respond by sharing the getting started training videos with you. 



The Business Growth Masterclass is a business training course for entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees who are looking to create more competitive businesses within the marketplace. We live in a extremely fast paced business environment today that entrepreneurs and business owners need to learn skills on the fly and level up as quickly as possible.

This masterclass is a place where business leaders can come together to learn and integrate new skills as quickly as possible in order to expand their knowledge and grow personally and professionally as quickly as possible. The intention is to give students the skills and the knowledge required to become more competitive in the global business environment.

Who This Training For

This training is for entrepreneurs, executive directors, managers, and employees who want to  develop practical marketing, sales, operation, and finance skills to become more competitive in the marketplace. This training is for people who are actively running and growing companies and need support to continue to expand their operations, increase the value they can bring to their companies and grow personally and professionally.

Why the Class Was Created

The Business Growth Masterclass was created to help new entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life through practical and directly applicable business information and knowledge, which they can apply on the fly. As an entrepreneur for the past 10 years, I’ve encountered all of the challenges that an entrepreneur is going to face and I have first hand experience the things that lead to a successful company. I’ve been in the trenches on all fronts and I understand how to win at the game of business. My goal is to impart some of this knowledge onto other people, so that they can succeed from learning what I’ve learned without having to fail so many times.

Goals of the Training

The goal of this training is to provide you with the information and knowledge required to be a Senior Executive Director of a large scale multi-national/global organization, as well as to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to scale up your business operations up to $100,000,000 in annual revenues. We will cover everything that you need in order to build a truly extraordinary organization that benefits humanity and that serves the global community.

Topics We Will Cover

Each Masterclass session will be unique to the students that are registered and in the class. The content will come from a wide variety of different sources which will be openly shared with the students in the class. The full overview of the topics we will cover are located below, we will cover all sorts of content and information in each class based on what the students need to scale up and grow their companies.

Cost of the Training

I believe that the content in the Business Growth Masterclass is worth over $100,000 to anyone who needs access to the information. That being said, I don't want you to have to spend $100,000 to get started. That's why I decided to get the training out to the world in a series of recorded video classes that you could get access to for only $300 and live training classes that would run once every 3 months that you could access for $1500. 

All you have to do to get access to the next class or to get access to the 12 introductory training modules that I've put together is send an email to William.Oliver@ARAZAS.com and I'll make sure that you get setup. 

Introductory Training

  1. Introduction to the Course

  2. Vision, Mission, Values.

  3. Your 3 Month Game Plan.

  4. Spreadsheet.

  5. Setting Up Your Launch.

    1. Picking your product.

    2. Figuring out accounting.

  6. Launch Time.

  7. Building Your Team.

  8. Protecting Yourself.

  9. Managing Your Company.


Advanced Training


  • Winning in business.

  • Goal setting.

  • Time management.

  • Staying focused.

  • Daily milestones.

  • Dealing with pressure.

  • Military operations.


  • Protecting yourself.

  • Creating a cash flow statement.

  • How to work with your accountants.

  • How to create proper accounting statements.

  • How to track inflow of cash.

  • How to invest into growth.

  • How to protect your bottom line.

  • How to manage your growth.

  • How to manage investing your capital.

Raising Capital

  • How to protect yourself.

  • How to approach investors.

  • How to create a capitalization table.

  • How to develop your terms sheets.


  • Simplify your business.

  • Creating VP model.

  • Directing your staff.

  • How to


  • Protecting yourself.

  • Scaling up operations.

  • On boarding new staff.

  • Generating demand.

  • Managing your cash flow.

  • Making new sales.

  • Growing organically.


  • How to create value.

  • How to develop your product.

  • How to iterate on development.

  • How to bring on managers.

  • How to discover demand.

  • How to supply demand.

  • How to integrate into streams of income.

  • How to develop an income stream.


  • Streamline operations.

  • Re-invest into growth (financial management).

  • Building your all star team.

  • Recruiting new staff.

  • Training new staff.

  • Creating new products.

  • Growing new brands.

  • Leveraging other people’s time, money, energy.

  • Working on the business not in the business.

  • Effective promotional campaigns.

  • Getting to $100k in sales.

  • Properly budgeting for growth.

  • Creating financial statements on the fly.

  • Getting started.

  • Sourcing products.

  • Identifying opportunities.

  • Creating a viable business.

  • Coming up with great ideas.

  • Solving problems.

  • Dealing with partnerships.

  • Dealing with contracts.

  • Dealing with on boarding staff.

  • How to deal with finances.