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This training is for Senior Executive Directors and or people who aspire to become highly competent Senior Executives within the global corporations they serve, or who desire to create their own organization to benefit humanity.

This training is beginner level training and the pre-requisite to the advanced level training, which is taught over a six month period of time for students who successfully complete the beginner level training.

Definitions of Contract

For the purpose of this contract “the student” refers to you, “the company” refers to Araza Solutions Inc. and “the trainer” refers to William Oliver. I “the student” agree that by responding to William Oliver via email will create a binding agreement between “the student” and Araza Solutions Inc. and that I “the student” am agreeing to the following terms and conditions of the contract.

Training Objectives

The intention of this training is to give you “the student” access to the knowledge and information required to build, run, and manage a successful business operation and to operate a company at a Senior Executive Level. I understand that by reading this document, that I acknowledge that I am agreeing to participate in a 12 week training program designed to help me acquire the skills and knowledge to be a Senior Business Executive and build and run a successful company.

Terms and Conditions

In order to participate in this training, the students must agree to the following Terms and Conditions of the training, as well as, acknowledge the risks associated with the following decision to participate in the Business Growth Masterclass that has been developed and is being marketed by Araza Solutions Inc.

Business Training

I understand that the knowledge and information contained within this training course is for the purposes of starting and or growing a successful company. I understand that there are both personal and professional risks that may arise from running a company that include risks such as…


I “the student” understand that I am responsible for my own do-diligence into the facts that are shared throughout the duration of the training. William Oliver or Araza Solutions Inc. will not be liable for any statements made in the course that pertain to different facts or figures mentioned throughout the duration of the training. I “the student” acknowledge and fully agree to waive William Oliver and Araza Solutions Inc. of any liability related to the knowledge or information that I learn in this training course.

Loss of Money

I understand that by taking action on some of the knowledge learned within this course that I could lose money from investing into such things as Advertising Campaigns, Marketing Campaigns, Hiring New Staff, etc… I understand that it is the intention of the “the trainer” to provide valuable insights into how to grow a successful and profitable company; however, I understand there are risks to starting any new business operation. I acknowledge that William Oliver nor Araza Solutions Inc. will be responsible for the loss of any money that I may incur from using the business advice given in this training course. I acknowledge that all of the advice and information is from William Oliver’s personal experience running and managing different companies and that William Oliver is only a training provider of the content and will not be consulting my business. If I wish to hire William Oliver for consulting services, I agree to draft another agreement for those services.

Loss of Revenue & Damages

I agree not to hold William Oliver or Araza Solutions Inc. liable for any loss including the loss of employees, revenue, or future revenues, or damages to my company or person due to the information shared within this training course. I acknowledge and understand that the information shared in William Oliver’s Masterclass is being learned for the purposes of advancing my personal and professional career objectives. I understand whatever information and or knowledge that I apply to my life or business is at my own risk and I will not hold William Oliver or Araza Solutions Inc. liable for any and all future actions or consequences that result from taking this training.

Investment Decisions

I “the student” understand that William Oliver is not a investment dealer and I understand that any information, knowledge, insights that I learn in his training course will not be used against William Oliver, Arazas, or Araza Solutions Inc. for the purposes of claiming that William Oliver gave investment advice for the purchase of any stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or any other potential investment opportunities that may arise from the information that I learn within this training course.

I agree that William Oliver, Arazas, and Araza Solutions Inc. will not be held liable in any way if I am to use any of the information or knowledge learned within this course to make a poor investment decisions. I agree and understand that William Oliver is not a registered investment dealer and is not registered to provide any

Legal Counsel

I understand that William Oliver, Arazas, and Araza Solutions Inc. is not an attorney nor is a registered law firm and will not be providing any legal council to any students. I “the student” understand that the information contained in this training course is not legal advice and I agree not to hold William Oliver, Arazas, Araza Solutions Inc. liable for any and all decisions that are made in perpetuity for the knowledge and information learned from this training course.


I “the student” agree that none of the information learned within this course will be shared publicly with any media sources. I “the student” understand that the information that I am learning was designed and created for Senior Executives and leaders of publicly facing companies and should not be disclosed publicly at anytime through Facebook, Twitter, or any other media channels. The only means of public disclosure will be shared within the course and I “the student” will be notified by William Oliver as to what can be shared publicly on any social media platforms or to any media companies.

Class Participation

I “the student” understand that class participation is mandatory. I understand that if I miss three classes I’ll be removed from the training course and will not receive a refund. I understand that if I miss a class, that I will need to review the Zoom recording and complete the weekly assignment in order to get caught up with the rest of the cohort.

Class Assignments

I understand that a short assignment will need to be completed each week, and that I must complete the assignment in order to continue on with the training. I understand that the assignment must be submitted to by the Wednesday following my class.

Referrals Are Welcome

I understand that if I refer 3 students to the Business Growth Masterclass training with William Oliver that I will be entitled to a full refund on my ti

Assignment One

Please read this document thoroughly and please write an email to stating that you’ve read the terms and agreements before continuing forward with this course. You will have a total of 3 free classes before you are required to pay your tuition fee of $300 for the instructional training from William. All funds will be paid to and will be subject to a 5% GST. Funds can be paid through e-transfer or paypal transfer.

After payments are made, there is no refund on the payments. I “the student” understand that the first training will be 12 masterclass sessions each with a 1-hour duration and each with a tutorial video and 3 to 5 page worksheet. Upon completion of the 12 masterclass sessions a student may choose to continue on with training by enrolling into the 6 month Business Acceleration Program, which will cost a student $1500 to enrol into.


All payments are made through PayPal in Canadian Funds. The $300 commitment must be made before committing the third masterclass session. Full refunds can be made up to the last minute of the third session.