Ready To Grow Your Business?


You need help scaling up your business, but you don’t know who to turn to. You’ve researched around, and you want to find a team that will become your trusted partner along the way to bringing your dreams to life. You really want to create something great in the world, but you are scared that you don’t have what it takes to make it happen. Just like any great athlete, a CEO needs a coach too.


At ARAZAS, we see ourselves as trusted and dedicated management consultants, who can join your team to help you expand your operations and achieve your dreams. As management consultants, our job is to become your trusted partner in helping you scale your operations and impact more people with your mission. We take a very active role in every company that we work with and we work very closely with the senior management teams of those companies to ensure that they are doing the right things to grow their companies.

Our experience comes from our teams 13+ years of experience of working in many different sectors and at many different levels of companies.


At ARAZAS, we’ve spent thousands of hrs perfecting a Business Operating System we call ENIGMA. We now license this business methodology to companies looking to expand their market share and increase their bottom lines. We’ve used ENIGMA.

What I Typically Help With Is:


  • Business structure (making sure everything is setup properly).

  • Business management (making sure you are managing the business properly).

  • Personal coaching (making sure you are ready to take on the responsibilities of the business). This is typically one of the most difficult challenges and can require a lot of personal growth.


  • Getting your product/service market ready.

  • Testing for what the market is really looking for.

  • Determining the optimal price points to sell the product/service at.

  • Creating compelling marketing campaigns to match the markets expectations.

  • Optimizing the marketing campaigns to ensure profitability.

  • Systematizing the business so that you can scale up profits over time.

  • Managing budgets to ensure that you are growing efficiently as you scale up.

  • Hiring talent at the right time to help manage/sustain growth.


  • Structuring the company to raise capital.

  • Training the team to become a market leader within the market.

  • Raising strategic capital to expand business operations.

  • Hiring executive level talent and helping with compensation structures.

  • Innovating on the core business by expanding into new markets.

  • Setting up the operations to scale from 5-10 staff to 100-300 staff.