ARAZAS Ambassadors Program

Who are ambassadors

Ambassadors are fun loving people who we believe will represent the ARAZAS Brand in the best light possible. Ambassadors are the sociaLIGHTS of the world who love to attend events, travel around the world, meet new people, and spread a lot of love.

Our pool of DreamAmbassadors are located all over the world and they help us to spread the good news about The ARAZAS Group.


How It Works

If you love the ARAZAS Brand, we'd love to have you help us to spread the brand around the world.



Who Can Benefit




What You Can Earn

Earn money sending leads to us. 

  • Earn an extra $2500/month reoccurring by letting people know about the ARAZAS Group.

Sliding Scale Earning Potential

  • First $10,000/month you earn 10%.
  • Next $40,000/month you earn 5%.
  • Next $50,000/month you earn 2%. 
  • Next $400,000/month you earn 1%.


Getting Started



Earnings Disclaimer